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This Lebanese spice blend infuses with flavor an olive oil and olive meat mix. Ideal served alongside meats, eggs, pizza, hummus, labneh or on fresh pita bread. This one is dedicated to Abuelo, my grandfather born in Bshaale, Lebanon; home of some of the oldest olive trees in the world.


Keep in a cool and dry place.

Original recipe.


Contains: sesame seeds

8 oz. jar


Ways to use:

  • Over scrambled or fried eggs
  • Spread on toast or bagels (with cheese, lox or meats)
  • Spread on fresh baked pita bread with extra olive oil
  • Over pizza or to dip pizza edges
  • Over dips like hummus or labneh to add some extra flavor and color
  • On a cheese board, to spread over crackers with cheese
  • Over baked white fish
  • Use it to toss chicken before roasting or pan frying it, then servie it along with a creamy sauce like labneh or greek yoghurt
  • Over meats, burgers or BBQ
  • In vinaigrettes

El Abuelo Za’atar Tapenade

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