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I’m a third-generation Lebanese, born and raised in Mexico City, and currently living in Austin. Although I felt like an outsider during my first few Texan years, I realized that sharing my love of food drew me closer to people and defined who I am, where I came from, and where I’m going.


My close-knit family taught me to be proud of my roots and come back at them whenever I feel lost to remind me of who I am. Mexico is my first love but I’m extremely proud of being raised in a Lebanese family, where my love of food was born.


After starting culinary school to get my Bachelor of Culinary Arts at Culinary Institute LeNôtre, I realized how much I wanted to share my roots and love of cooking the way my grandparents did.


The food you see here is some of the stuff I love and often eat at home! The majority of my ingredients are fresh, organic and of great quality, which is key to any delicious meal. Each recipe is crafted with thoughtful attention and your health and enjoyment in mind.


Let’s explore expanding your cooking skills together!

Read more about me here.

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